Heart of dragon's breath - basic

Heart of dragon's breath - basic

When another woman starts spinning around your partner who wants to get him for herself. Loyalty spells can be used and your partner's loyalty can be strengthened, but temptation will continue. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use the dragon's breath spell, this spell acts directly on the one who is trying to win his heart. He seems to stop caring about your pet and falls in love with someone else. The sooner the spell is used, the faster and more effective it is.

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Do not modify the incantation - otherwise the spell will not work! And keep the spell secret, because if someone wishes you the opposite, that your wish doesn't come true, the spell would have to unnecessarily overcome too many obstacles, and then it would take a lot longer to be fulfilled! You have to have a strong desire for the wished result, visualize this effect, and most importantly believe that your wish will come true (which means visualizing how everything should turn out and not putting negative thoughts into the spell, like that your wish will not come true). Concentrate while doing it, don't do the spell mechanically or casually. Read the procedure carefully several times. And most importantly, you need to think the right way so that you don't negate the spell. How to think the right way - link here Support the spell with your efforts in the physical world (which means that you should not sit at home and expect the magic to do everything for you, for example, you must also assist the spell in the physical world, e.g. by inviting to dinner, communicating, etc.).

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