Online course, after payment we will send you study materials by e-mail. After studying them, you will complete a short control test. You will receive confirmation of the skills acquired in the form of a personal certificate. You will find out the result within 3 working days. The certificate will be sent to you by e-mail. If you are interested in a printed and hand-signed certificate, we will send it to you by post at our expense.

$230 incl. VAT

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Availability: Skladem

Course content:

  • Elements
  • Zodiac signs - differences from constellations
  • Horoscope houses
  • The sun, the moon, the planets their nodes, the solar and lunar eclipses
  • Aspects
  • Planets in signs and houses
  • Aspects between the elements of the horoscope
  • Horoscope shapes and planetary configurations
  • Horoscope foci
  • Individual and integrated transits of planets
  • Cyclic horoscopes - solar and lunar revolutions
  • Directorate
  • Progressive lunar cycles
  • Relocation - moving the horoscope

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